DESTINY for Africa Network founder Obadiah Msindo has urged politicians to be accountable for their actions.

“Politicians should be accountable for their actions. We need politicians with a heart from both Zanu PF and MDC parties, and they should be accountable for their actions,” he said in Mutare yesterday.

“We need politicians with a heart and who come from the people. Just imagine during the January demonstrations, the country lost millions of dollars, and some were arrested because they started to be violent, burning tyres, cars and looting, we need to ask ourselves is this good for our society.”

Msindo, however, implored Zimbabweans to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance to implement his policies to turn around the country’s economy.

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Msindo made the call when he met local pastors, civil society leaders and various business stakeholders in Mutare on Sunday.

“We are saying that let’s give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance,” Msindo said.

“Let us give him the chance to implement his policies. Soon after elections last year, we saw some people going to the streets demonstrating against the President without even giving him a chance to implement his policies.”

Msindo’s call comes at a time many people, some within the ruling Zanu PF, are growing frustrated by Mnangagwa’s rule that has been characterised by ballooning economic hardships.

The MDC has accused Mnangagwa’s government of being clueless on how to handle the economy, which is on a free-fall.

But Msindo accused businesses of sabotaging government due to its insatiable desire to make profits.

He blasted business entities, urging them to stop profiteering, a practice which he said was killing Zimbabweans emotionally.

“The business of profiteering shows heartlessness; businesspeople should always demonstrate the love of people, … (but) they can even kill for the love of money, they are emotionally murdering people,” Msindo said.

“Some businesspeople are just increasing prices without justification and that is not good at all.”