The Gwanda Mega 5 water reservoir, which is touted to be the panacea to the mining town’s perennial water problems is now complete and awaits a test run, an official said yesterday.

Gwanda mayor, Jastone Mazhale confirmed the new development to Southern Eye last Friday.

“Our project of solving the perennial water problems which faced Gwanda is complete. The Mega 5 water reservoir is now complete and is waiting a test run to identify whether there are
any leaks, which need to be rectified before being connected to the main water system,” Mazhale said.

He said water problems would be a thing of the past for Gwanda, as the reservoir has the capacity to supply Gwanda town and its peripheries.

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“That tank is on the highest point in Gwanda than all other tanks. That means suburbs which faced water problems such as Spitzkop North Extension, Phakama, Senondo and Ultra will have
their water problems solved. The tank has the capacity to supply a radius of 30 kilometres through gradient. As I speak, a pump to that reservoir has been purchased and will be
installed next week,” he said.

Gwanda municipality has set the ball rolling to acquire city status by embarking on a raft of projects, which it says would contribute to the development of the town.

The council has repeatedly faced water challenges because of the recurrent fights between the local authority and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority over control of the resource.