BY Brenna Matendere

Gweru Urban MP Brian Dube (MDC Alliance) has urged government to swiftly avail funds for desiltation of the city’s largest water source, Gwenoro Dam as well as facilitate construction of alternative sources of the precious liquid.

This follows revelations by the city council that the dam is left with only 30% water supplies and will be effectively decommissioned later this year.

“A report was done to the effect that the Gwenoro Dam is massively silted and, as a result, water reserves are terribly affected,” Dube said.

“Right now, the dam is just 30% full and is to be decommissioned. The reason is that the dam cannot hold water because of siltation. Government should avail resources for desiltation
before the next rainy season,” Dube said.

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He also called for the urgent construction of other water sources for the city, which can be relied upon in emergency situations.

“We need a rapid response that includes construction of the Lubongo Dam as an additional water supply. We also urgently need construction of a water plant at Amapongokwe Dam, so that
the city can switch to the water source as soon as Gwenoro is decommissioned in July,” the MP said.

He lambasted the slow pace by government in responding to the city’s water crisis.

“The disappointment comes from the fact that although this poses a serious threat to over 300 000 lives, the government does not seem to be treating the issue with urgency,” he said.

“The impending catastrophe needs serious commitment on resources. I will continue to lobby and pressure government

Acting Gweru City Council finance director Owen Masimba recently said $6 million is required to construct a new treatment plant, which would be used to process water drawn from