Greatness is not what you stumble upon, neither is it for the select few. Greatness is in all of us. You might have been born poor, and could still die poor due to the nature of your decisions.

Greatness is within you and you must activate it. When you see a parked BMW, does it mean it doesn’t move? No! The car has the power, but it’s just stationary. The moment you start the ignition, it will move.

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This is similar for many people. They parked their lives somewhere at some corner, but that does not negate the fact that they have the power. They just need to ignite that power within them.

Organised thinking

All your activities must be centred around organised thinking. Thinking starts with a why. Why are you here? What is your purpose? If there is one thing you can major on the rest of your life, what will it be? Think about the “why” and end with “what”. The reverse could be dangerous. Most people are trying to find happiness through wrong activities, and they never question why they do what they are doing.

True happiness is in your purpose, something which will lead you to undertake particular activities. The moment you know your “why” of life, you start living (and not just existing).
The moment you know what you want, you will start a life based on your own terms. Your purpose is your “why”, and it gives you the clarity that will lift you to your“what”. Your purpose is what gives you the strength to rise up to your true potential so that you become the person you envisioned yourself to be.

Opportunities in “self”

At a seminar held last Thursday by the British Council in Bulawayo, Busisa Moyo, who is the current chief executive of the United Refineries Limited and a member of the Presidential Advisory Council, gave some incisive and insightful thoughts. He said: “The longest journey is not to the outer space, but to the inner space.”

Socrates said: “Know thyself.” That statement sounds simple yet it is so profound. A human being is the only species with special abilities and capabilities to make a choice to live the kind of life they want.

But what stops people from living a purpose-driven life? The fear of failure, and living an average life. Vusi Thembekwayo said: “We discover nothing about ourselves in comfort zones.”

Taking charge

When you don’t have a vision, the danger is you will work the rest of your life helping others fulfil their own visions.

When you know what you want, you know where to place a demand. When you know what you want in life, you dominate your space. Most people think they are out of control. They feel that something from the outside should happen if their situation is to change.

There are two basic classifications of people. First, there are those with an external locus. Such people think their life is controlled by external factors or situations.

They feel they are controlled by other people, such as their boss or parents. These experiance greater stress since they think they are helpless. These are the people who blame their bosses for their current earnings. They think someone or something out there is sabotaging their success or is responsible for their success.

Secondly, there are those with an internal locus. These feel they are the architects of their own destinies; that they have control over their life, destiny, and results.

They feel they are behind the wheels of their own life. These have less stress since they reach to their internal self for solutions. For the best in life, number two (internal focus) offers a better alternative. Anyone can change from the outer to inner locus.

You can shift from blaming external forces into focusing on your personal potential.

To get started on changing, I want you to take out your diary and answer the following questions: What are you going to do differently? (This will change your results).

What is your standard for life? (This will change your focus and challenge your limitations). What is your daily growth programme? (This will affect your daily emotional growth).

What is your one-year plan? (This will determine your short term plans).

What is your five-year plan? (This will determine your mid-term plan) and: What is your ten-year plan? (This will shape your long-term plan).

Take care of self

The power within us must be improved. You may not be able to change the world, it has been said, but you can change your mindset. Competence breeds confidence. Sharpen your skills.