JEST mistress Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho has made her name through cracking people’s ribs with her skits, but very few people know she is a woman of many talents, which stretch to music.

Having first ventured into music several years ago, she is back to refresh her fans memories about her music with the release of her second album, a nine-track effort, Ndinovimba Nemi, in August this year.

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The comedienne told NewsDay Weekender Life & Style yesterday that she was putting final touches on the album.

“I am making final touch-ups to my new album, Ndinovimba Nemi, which will be out soon, and I am confident that the album will touch many souls,” she said.

Madam Boss said although she had initially scheduled the album release for June, she has had to move it to August to make way for an international tour to the United Kingdom, also scheduled around that time.

“We could have released the album in June, but there are slight changes because we have a United Kingdom tour in June,” she said.

The comedienne-cum-musician said she was not a novice in the music industry as she dropped her debut album, Sunungura Mweya, on the market in 2012 under the auspices of trending producer Mcdonald “McDee” Chidavaenzi’s Eternity Productions.

“I am not new to the industry as some might think, but recorded my first album in 2012,” she said.

Madam Boss, however, said making inroads into mainstream music back then was tough as the industry was unkind to new kids on the block, which is why her debut album never made significant impact.

“I tried so hard to market the album and music, but to no avail as there was little support and appreciation for new artistes during that time,” she said.

Fortune has, however, smiled on her, with the stars lined up in her favour after she ventured into comedy, which has made people take notice of her and appreciate her talent in music.
“People are beginning to appreciate my music talent now and are encouraging me to continue singing.

“My first album was not marketed well and people didn’t know me then, but now it’s easier because they now know Tyra Chikocho, the musician and actress. So I think it was just a matter of exposure, something which I didn’t have in 2012,” she said.

The comedian-cum musician hailed radio stations for giving equal opportunity to all musicians so that they market their talents.

“In the previous years, radio stations did not really promote upcoming artistes (but would focus) only on those already popular,” she said.

“But this year, things have changed, with the radio stations giving everyone an equal opportunity to market their talents.”