This photobook chronicles the vital role of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus in Zimbabwe by providing an overview of the constitutional obligations in promoting inclusive gender
parity in all spheres of women’s lives.
The Photobook does not only highlight progress, challenges and implementation gaps but also provides a roadmap to strategies to effectively implement international commitments on gender equality and to scale up and accelerate action in the integrated areas of climate change, social and economic entrepreneurial investment.

It emphasizes the move from only understanding the normative legislative frameworks and commitment to analyzing and evidencing tangible action by government in several key areas aimed at promoting novel forms of collaborative actions, partnerships and engagement by new and diverse stakeholders in ways that deepen bipartisan cooperation and consciousness.

As such, the photobook represents an embodiment of women’s capacity and capability to act as defenders and advocates for women’s rights through amplifying women’s voices as agents of transformative developmental change and ensuring the domestication of international legislative frameworks for the achievement of gender justice and women’s emancipation in Zimbabwe.

Highlighting the centrality of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus in galvanizing women’s solidarity through strengthening women’s networks and mobilization, the photobook has achieved its central objectives of advancing women’s strategic and practical needs through sensitization and claiming their spaces in leadership decision-making at all levels of societal enterprise.

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The photobook makes a strong statement in making the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus a watershed platform representing a rich review and assessment tool of how Zimbabwe as a sovereign state is committed to addressing the question of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The strength of this book as a gendered process and strategic mechanism lies in how it has been able to identify success stories, lessons learned and gaps that remain to be filled in political and national development policies for the benefit of both women, men and youth and for the Caucus to serve as the Parliamentary hub for promoting and catalyzing tangible, multi-stakeholder partnerships for implementing inclusive gender equality and empowerment legislations.

Thus, through this captivating pictorial visual narrative, the photobook asserts the vital role of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus as a useful policy forum that connects the global development agenda to national development policy efforts in achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment and the establishment of specific mechanisms and institutional arrangements to promote the empowerment of women, with appropriate funding, which should be considered essential to bring about sustainable solutions to gender equality and empowerment issues as mandated by the Zimbabwean Constitution. A must read for every passionate nationalistic Zimbabwean.

Professor Pamela Machakanja, (Phd),
Dean – College of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance
Africa University, Zimbabwe