THE Zanu PF youth league in Mashonaland East province has warned members who are already canvassing for parliamentary and party positions for the 2023 elections that they risk disqualification and suspension from the party.

According to a letter to all party districts dated April 28 and signed by provincial political commissar Lincoln Matare, some party members have already begun unsanctioned campaigns.

“Following observations that party members are embarking on unsanctioned campaigns, Zanu PF Mashonaland East youth league is sternly warning any member found wanting in terms of the above. The party will not hesitate to disqualify anyone who will not adhere to this warning or even suspend anyone who disregards the party protocol and procedure,” the letter read.

Matare confirmed the letter and said they were aware of members who are campaigning for both party and parliamentary positions.

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“We observed that there are some members who are already campaigning for 2023 as well as positions in the impending restructuring exercise at provincial level. We are saying, let’s give others a chance to work. If the time comes, those interested will be sanctioned to do so,” he said.

Meanwhile, government has called on Zanu PF members to take heed of directives from the authorities in the wake of an impasse between the State and illegal settlers who are currently facing evictions.

About 200 youths in Wedza are currently facing eviction from a farm they invaded about 10 years ago.

The illegal settlers were last week given a seven-day ultimatum to leave the farm before they appealed to government to regularise their stay.

Addressing party members in Marondera on Sunday, Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs minister and women’s league political commissar, Aplonia Munzverengi, said party members need to co-operate with the government to avoid disorder on land issues.