AWARD-WINNING musician Jah Prayzah temporarily turned his performance at Queens Sports Club into a traditional ceremony after he performed at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair showdown concert on Saturday night in Bulawayo.

There has always been speculation about the inspiration behind the song Goto, which often sees people in the audience going into a trance.

Backed by his Third Generation Band, Jah Prayzah’s performance of the song, Goto, briefly turned the concert venue into a traditional ceremony as many of his followers were caught in ecstasy and could be seen “appeasing” traditional spirits on stage and so did Jah Prayzah.

Meanwhile, award-winning Bulawayo singer Seagirl blasted her home town fans, accusing them of not supporting their own after she was pelted by rowdy and angry fans while performing her hit song — AEIOU, at the same concert.

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The pint-sized singer’s performance came after a lengthy act by Jah Prayzah at a concert that also featured Winky D, Gary B and Templeman, among others.

Seagirl curtain-raised her act with the new track Bambelela. All hell broke loose after she performed the song AEIOU, which got her awards last year and this year.

Fans started pelting her, chanting unprintable words and demanding that she leave the stage.

In response, the musician told the fans off, accusing them of not supporting their own.

“I am disappointed with you, Bulawayo. I am your own, but you are not supporting me. Rather, you are booing and pelting me. Who else should support me if you don’t do so? Anywhere, I don’t care if you don’t support me as long as I have the money in my purse,” she shouted, before leaving the stage.

She left the fans angrier and throwing more bottles on the stage.

In a follow-up interview, Seagirl told NewsDay Life & Style that she was disappointed by her own people.

“Bulawayo people don’t support their own, but want to claim them when they are successful. They forget the same people whom they did not help grow,” she said.

“I was hurt and disappointed on stage when I saw people, — my own people — throwing missiles at me. It was the most embarrassing moment of my career, but I shall take this as a lesson and grow from it rather than letting it dampen my spirit.”

Seagirl was voted the outstanding female of the year at the Skyz Metro FM music awards in 2018. Her song, AEIOU, was voted the outstanding house song at this year’s Star FM music awards.