Zimbabwe has the lowest data tariffs in the region but needs to ensure the industry is sustainable going forward as 5G is here.

Analysts believe that modern digital technologies offer the opportunity to streamline business functions, please customers, reduce costs and raise sales.

As the nation is developing and becoming more digitally inclined, the year 2019 is packed with exciting and enormous changes. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to continue preparing for the advent of 5G as there are a number of 5G compatible devices set to arrive in 2019.

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5G is now a reality. MNOs in Zimbabwe need to embrace this change and we are moving forward. The world is fast moving and only the fittest will survive. We are on track and revolutionising with the world.

Nothing comes without any costs. We need to embrace the digital world which is fast moving towards Artificial Intelligence (AI). We need to sacrifice a little when it comes to data spending.

Smart cities, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) – these technologies will revolutionise the way we live. Heavily dependent on 5G networks to work effectively the nation needs to embrace changes or stay inefficient, which is not an option.

To function successfully, smart cities and IoT devices will rely on a proliferation of high-bandwidth, low latency connections. Meaning, whatever method this ends up being delivered

through, the telecoms industry will be called upon to provide this. So, 2019 should see a great deal of investment and innovation in this area and the move has already begun.

MNOs in Zimbabwe are now embracing the capabilities of blockchain technology. Blockchain, the public online ledger, is a technology with exciting prospects in the next couple of years.

Blockchain’s uses have developed beyond the world of cryptocurrencies, and it’s now being hailed as a technology that can help data-holding companies improve efficiency and security.

So, with this you don’t worry of losing your data or feel insecure. The future of security has arrived in Zimbabwe.

The way our world works is set to become ever more digitally driven, and with all of these developments comes a growing demand for high-bandwidth, low latency and secure data connectivity.

The telecoms industry will play a huge part in enabling this – so everybody needs to be prepared to innovate and invest in order to make this happen.