Gweru City Council has said it is considering having its council meetings screened live on national television after the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Television (ZBCtv) engaged them for a partnership, a senior official has said.

Chamber secretary Vakai Chikwekwe said the broadcaster had approached them with a proposal to provide live screening of council meetings and that management would table it (proposal) for adoption.

“ZBCtv has also approached us with the proposal (live broadcasting of council meetings) and as management we would push for its adoption soon,” Chikwekwe said.

“I have also been engaging ZBCtv chief executive Patrick Mavhura over the issue. The delays were caused by the holidays (Easter) and the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.”

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Gweru Resident Forum director Charles Mazorodze said the local authority should adopt the move to improve its governance process. Mazorodze said council chambers were too small to accommodate residents, hence live programming would ensure broader participation by ratepayers.

“This would be a noble move as it would enable residents to have a full picture of issues discussed at council,” he said.

“The move would also enhance an active citizenry through feedback on issues that would have been deliberated on at the council chambers. We expect more accountability and transparency from adopting this move.”

Bulawayo City Council recently indicated that ZBCtv had also made a similar proposal to them.

The city fathers (in Bulawayo) have since supported the proposal on the grounds that it would enhance transparency and accountability on local governance.