MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

MAIN opposition party MDC will use its upcoming congress to evaluate strategies it has been using to pile pressure on Zanu PF and government over critical electoral law reforms and creation of a platform for political dialogue.

Already, the party has deployed its national executive members to meet party members at district level under a thematic committee on strategies of the party.

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MDC has been using demonstrations to try and push for critical reforms to force the Zanu PF-led government to the negotiating table but their efforts have largely been ignored.

Party leader Nelson Chamisa said he has set up seven thematic committees and already, the one on strategy had opened platforms for engagement.

“Do we participate in elections? Is an election the best form to achieve reforms? Calling for reforms, is it a good strategy? Dialogue, is it a good strategy?
We will examine all our strategies going forward and what will be effective,” he said.

The MDC has, however, vowed to force the government into crucial political talks to end the current economic crisis, saying after congress, they would be buoyed and ready to face President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We can’t be engaging externally before we deal with internal hygiene. At the moment, we are focused on congress, but that does not mean we have removed our eyes from the ball. When we finish our congress and our members have endorsed a strategy road map, then we will come out stronger and geared to offer a new proposition as an alternative government because we are not an opposition,” Chamisa said.

In the face of violent clampdown of demonstrations by State security agents, which killed about 25 people according to human rights groups, the party could be looking at other diplomatic ways to address stand-off between the opposition and

Chamisa is almost certain of clinching the party presidency after clinching 12 nominations out of the 13 provincial congresses already held so far.

The only province left is South Africa, which was expected to finish processes before the national council meets today to bring the nomination process to a close.