Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Lusaka, Zambia – Some members of the opposition parties are blaming the country’s President, Edgar Lungu for infringing their freedom of expression.

President Lungu is being accused of intimidating some politicians and infringing the movement of people.

Although the allegations have been denied, they are now growing concerns on the way the government is infringing the freedom of expression.

United States Charge d’ Affaires to Zambia David Young, is amongst one of the concerned who has since questioned the waywardness of the government.

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However, MP, Bowman Lusambo, Lusaka’s Provincial Minister has since castigated the narrative of human rights violations.

“We only have a good President in Edgar Lungu, where we have reached with Edgar Lungu is at the highest. We will continue to tell the people what Edgar Lungu has done.

For me, President Lungu has given me a status, so when I am moving to South Africa or Dubai, they give me respect,” said the Provincial Minister.

Last month, in a statement issued by the Zambian Youth Charter, the youths stated that they were concerned with the increased levels of unemployment, grand corruption and infringement of human rights, amongst other issues currently affecting the country.