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COVID-19 hinders food distribution in DRC

Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Kinshasa, DRC – The current COVID-19 lockdown regulations in Rwanda are causing a lot of mayhems for many in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Many residents in DRC rely on food imports from Uganda and Rwanda, but due to stricter COVID-19 lockdown regulations imposed by the Rwandan government it’s now difficult for food trucks to move from Uganda and Rwanda into DRC.

There has also been another exponential increase in the prices of goods due to the logistical factors.

DRC spends more than US$1.5 billion on food imports yet according to the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments, the country’s abundant fertile soil, tropical climate amongst others should allow it to feed two billion people through intensive farming.

“Why should a country like DRC be troubled by the import of food while it has the resources to feed its population well at low prices,” said Alain Kikandi Kiuma, Dean of the University of Goma’s Faculty of Economics and Management.

Other pandemics such as Ebola and measles have dampened progress when it comes to economic stability with insurgencies also worsening the situation.

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