By Daniel Itai – The Zimbabwe Daily

Kinshasa, DRC – Tensions between the Common Front for Congo (FCC) and the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) are mounting as days progress over a proposed amendment of the Justice Bill.

Although the FCC and the UDPS are currently in a coalition government, the proposed amendment to the Justice Bill has caused members of the two political parties to clash.

The FCC, which is former President Joseph Kabila’s political party brought up the proposed Justice Bill amendments.

Célestin Tunda ya Kasende, the Minister of Justice was on Saturday arrested and later on released after  he clashed with President Félix Tshisekedi over the contested legal changes.

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The FCC proposes to have the office of the prosecution answer to the Ministry of Justice, a situation which is being opposed by the UDPS, other political parties and the National Union of Magistrates.

According to President Tshisekedi’s UDPS, the FCC is aiming to protect criminals and encourage impunity at all costs, “the proposed amendments won’t resolve any difficulty related to the functioning of the judiciary, but aims to undermine justice for the benefit of the Ministry of Justice.”