We all enjoy the odd little flutter from time to time, and when you’re lucky enough to earn yourself a bit of spending money in the process, this is always a nice feeling.

In the past, if we wanted to place a bet on a sporting event, or anything else for that matter, we had to brave the elements and make our way to the nearest bookmakers and then repeat the process when going home.

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Now, thanks to the advancements in modern technology, and thanks to the fact that online betting is now more popular than ever, we find ourselves using online betting sites more than ever before. When you consider the fact that these sites let you do everything you can do at a bookies or casino, without even having to leave the house, you can understand why they’re so popular, with big brands like www.findbettingsites.co.uk and bet365.com gaining attention around the world.

Because betting sites are so popular, though, you’ll often find that some less reputable sites will operate without a licence, which is far from ideal.

Here’s a look at a few reasons why licenced betting sites are always the best option.

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More responsive

Let’s face it, if a so-called betting site can’t even be bothered to abide by the law and get licenced, do you honestly think that they’ll spend heaps on money on hiring web developers to build them a super-responsive betting site to give their customers the best gambling experience? No, the more likely option is that they’ll cut corners, will likely try developing their site themselves, will use outdated tech and practices to save money, and the end result will be a betting site that is slower than a slug on Valium.

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Better game selection

Again, if a betting site operator doesn’t have the decency, funds, and/or common sense to abide by rules, laws, and regulations, and get licenced, how can you expect them to go out of their way to provide you, the customer, with a selection of fun and exciting games? The more likely scenario is that they will simply go ahead and provide the absolute bare minimum, usually in the form of outdated slots and betting options, just to give customers something to use when they hand over their hard-earned money.

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Finally, the last reason why licenced betting sites are so popular, and in such high demand, is because of the fact that they are safer. If the site is licenced, you know that they are regulated and that they abide by the laws, rules, and regulations laid out by the powers that be. Licenced sites mean that your personal info and details are more likely to be protected, as will be your money. As you are required to enter personal banking details in order to make deposits and withdraw winnings, the last thing you want is for this info to fall into the wrong hands.