ANDY Muridzo’s ‘rebel’ dancer Marbel “Quantum” Bure, who abandoned Jeetaz band last year, has re-joined her old paymaster, NewsDay Life & Style has established.

Quantum is now doubling as a member of Jeetaz and Bark bands, which was formed by a group of rebels who deserted Jeetaz. Although Quantum confirmed the developments, she was not keen to share the details.

“I am doubling (in) my duties, but I am not at liberty to share much with you,” she said.

Muridzo said all Bark band members were welcome to work with him as he now considered himself a father figure to them.

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“Bark members are welcome in my band because they are my children. They chose to go their way and as a father I gave them my blessings and whoever is willing to work with me is welcome,” he said.

Bark band acting manager, Fedelis “Famba Nyika” Nyikadzino, confirmed that while Quantum was still their member, she was now working with Jeetaz band on a part-time basis.

“She is still with us, but currently we are on break and she told us that she will be working with our former boss on a part-time basis,” he said. Meanwhile, Jeetaz band will be performing at East Point in Harare every Wednesday.