Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Masvingo, Zimbabwe – According to the MDC Alliance Youth league, MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Organizer Clr Godfrey Kurauone was today arrested for giving  food to the underprivileged during the national day of fasting a couple of days ago.

“The courageous Kurauone recently defied Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for Command Fasting by feeding the underprivileged at Mucheke Bus terminus in Masvingo.

It is very clear that our National Organizer is being punished for refusing to yield to the dictates of an illegitimate President.

Moreso, it is very clear that the illegitimate Emmerson Mnangagwa is abusing courts through persecution by prosecution of MDC Alliance supporters.

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The courts have become a new centre of the struggle and we are ready to challenge Mnangagwa’s authoritarianism with tenacity anytime anywhere.

The state is preferring the  same charge to one levelled against Macrad Director, Ephraim Mutombeni who languished in prison for more than one week only to be granted bail today after deafening public  outcry from human rights defenders,” said Stephen Chuma, MDC Alliance’s national spokesperson.