The Zimbabwe Daily – Staff Reporter

Harare, Zimbabwe – The MDC Alliance’s national Youth league has labelled President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, a pathological liar.

“Baseless allegations by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mouth piece, George Charamba that MDC Alliance is the root cause of the current economic woes stalking our country must never go unchallenged.

Like the proverbial bad carpenter, Charamba blames the opposition for the country’s economic misfortunes while at the same time absolving Mnangagwa and the looting cabal.

In a blanket of mind boggling rants making rounds in the media, Charamba exhibits pathological lies typical of ZANU PF supporters.

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Contrary to what he terms implosive MDC politics, there is no implosion in the MDC Alliance led by president Nelson Chamisa.

The only political party implosions we are witnessing at the moment are happening in Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF.

It is in ZANU PF where manifestations of implosion have led to the expulsion and suspension of Killer Zivhu and Energy Mutodi respectively.

Is it not common sense that a party whose Health Minister is in courts over corruption scandals signifies implosion of greatest magnitude?

When a whole Minister of Defence holds a presser just to dismiss coup rumours then it speaks volumes of the trouble in paradise.

It is in ZANU PF where the centre no longer holds and that has ripple effects on the economy.

The stinking levels of corruption by ZANU PF officials and wanton disregard of basic human rights breeds lack of confidence from investors.

Charamba must stop behaving like a village drunkard who after imbibing in kachasu would go around blaming everyone in the neighborhood for his family troubles.

Is it not a public secret that corruption and all the socio-economic ills we are facing are just symptoms of illegitimacy and leadership failure by Charamba’s boss?

It is very unfortunate that direct beneficiaries of a corrupt system like Charamba will never tell Mnangagwa the truth that he has failed and must resign,” said Stephen Chuma, MDC Alliance’s national Youth spokesperson.