Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Harare, Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) has cancelled all its international games due to COVID-19.

“Most of our tournaments and International games are sponsored by World Rugby and Rugby Africa. These have all been cancelled. They are two tournaments which take place in December for the sevens in Dubai and Capetown and these have not been formally cancelled. At the moment all International games for Zimbabwe are off. 

However, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will get advise from our medical team led by Dr. Austin Jeans as well as the SRC. Should the situation  and funds permit, we may conduct a tour to the Netherlands at the end of the year for the Zimbabwe Sables or at the beginning of the year.

Moreso, we can only conduct local tournaments once the green light comes from the SRC. Should this happen, we will mainly conduct localized tournaments which will be confined to the provinces .

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COVID-19 has put all our rugby developments on hold. It’s a major set back but we are not alone and all the other rugby playing nations in Africa face the same situation. We have applied to the SRC to at list begin education and training in the provinces. This has obviously been overtaken by the new lockdown rules. So we will have to wait for a more opportunistic time.

Our strengths and conditioning teams have been encouraged to give national players off season trainning schedules and we hope this can keep us warmed up and ready to begin playing when the time is right,” said the ZRU president.