The Chronicle

Providence Bushowe

Editor — Employment is a necessity to every employable adult in the society. Lack of it is harmful, moreso in an urban setting.

These years there is this casual and contract worker recipe at workplaces. Permanent employment affords access to mortgage, accounts, lay-byes, loans, medical aid, pensions and a host of other beneficial employment packages. 

These determine the standard of living of any worker. Could the Zimbabwe Chamber of Commerce (ZCI), the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) and Government please explain why people are put on contract employment?

lf it’s a dictate of business, where are human rights respected? Honestly are you people fully aware that workers suffer under such arrangements? This is downright cruelty. 

Speak up ZCTU.  

Why turn employment into a crime? This is heartless and unfair labour practice? Stratways Labour Consultancy please analyse this creature. 

In a democratic country like ours there should not be such disregard for the sanctity of human life.

There is no job security and one can not plan. You become an industry tool that is discarded as soon as it is obsolete by age with nothing to show that you were employed at one stage. 

Maybe employers are abusing that leeway in the Labour Relations Act? 

We need to revisit those sections of the Act that permit this primitive labour behaviour. It hurts.

When laws are crafted they should be people friendly not repugnant and repulsive to ordinary people. 

Employers openly want human “power” to run operations, but they care less for the welfare of those that provide that power. I am perplexed and vexed. 

My point is that at least employment must of necessity make a positive contribution to a person’s future and present, of course. 

I do appreciate the dynamics of lndustry but employers can not sacrifice human life. Working conditions have deteriorated to unprecedented levels. 

No overalls, no masks, no tissue, stagnant salaries, abusive management and bleak future all face worker. Something positive must be done.