Showbiz Reporter

“Hello, this is your captain Jah Prayzah speaking. Welcome aboard the festive season. Today we are serving you with Porovhoka, a festive season song.”

Finally, the festive season is here and Jah Prayzah’s latest song, Porovhoka will definitely make you forget about your struggles and get you in the silly season mood.

Released on Monday morning with captivating visuals that were produced by Vusa Blaqs, the song is likely to be a hit among many as it is all about letting loose and merrymaking. Jah Prayzah who plays role of a pilot is captured partying the night away with his flight attendants. So hectic is the partying that the crew fails to wake up in time, delaying their master who then calls and tells them not to provoke him, explaining the song’s name.

The video was released on YouTube where it was viewed by over 2 000 people during its premiere at 10AM.

Watch below: