Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent 

Most often say science subjects are difficult, but for 21-year-old Sibusisiwe Vundla, this is nothing but a myth, something she has tackled in her first book.

Having been a sciences student herself at Usher Girls High, Vundla said she noticed how many people feared taking up subjects like Chemistry especially at A Level as they felt they were challenging and difficult to pass. This fear of the unknown, Vundla said is what drove her to pen a book which she wanted to use to debunk this myth which has gone from generation to generation.

The book titled “Unleashing mental power with overcoming faith” was launched recently in South Africa by that country’s Soweto Bulletin.

Vundla said the 62-paged book is a motivational weapon which applies to a far broader audience that is in need of encouragement in order to conquer.

“Basically, I loved Chemistry so much, but being in an environment where people thought it was impossible to pass had its own challenges as most people at school didn’t do well in that subject so people became comfortable with this and took it as a normality.

“Through this book that I started writing in 2018, I wanted to show people that we all have the potential to do great, but it has to be unleashed. Even if I initially wrote the book to inspire science students, it is accommodative as anyone who needs inspiration can be motivated,” said the adamant young girl.

She added that the book can also heal those who are depressed as it gives hope to people.

“The book was written with the sole purpose of helping people to discover their purpose in life,” she said.

To promote the book, Vundla will be hosting a talk show today at Harvest House International Church. There, she will address one of the topics in the book.

“One of the topics, ‘Give it all you have’ which I will discuss at the talk show gives a message of being proud believing in yourself.” – @mthabisi_mthire