Judith Phiri, Sunday News Reporter

VILLAGERS in Ward 6, Matobo have taken it upon themselves to construct a clinic and a community hall in Sigangatsha to improve access to basic health services in their community.

According to the latest Matobo monthly community magazine, a villager Mr Mlisa Edward Sigangatsha Ndlovu said the villagers have shown commitment to ensure that the two constructions are completed by end of December.

“As the residents of Ward 6 we are building a clinic and a community hall. We had asked for assistance from the diaspora but the Covid-19 struck, ” said Mr Ndlovu.

He added that despite the pandemic, they have managed to get help from the diaspora who assisted by donating 28 asbestos.

“We received the asbestos from South Africa and that is how we managed to build the headman’s office and a storeroom where we keep food. As we speak now they bought 18 more asbestos and 3 benches for people to sit when there is a meeting,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu added: “We discussed the issue and we realised that we have youths in the community who can and who are good in building. We approached them and explained to them our plan and the fact that we cannot afford to pay them.”

He also noted that they received a positive response when the youths agreed to work with no pay. However, they promised to buy food, provide them with water and sand.

Mr Ndlovu noted that there was much progress in the building stage.

“We are now at window level and expecting the window frame and door frames from the council anytime from now,” he said.

Mr Ndlovu said all five villages were tasked to provide 3500 brick as part of the contribution to build a clinic and a Hall.

“We’re thankful to the villages for contributing 3500 bricks each towards building the project. We’re appealing for assistance from donors so that when our when our children (builders) are done they’re rewarded with something for the selfless job they’ve done for the community,” he said.