Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
THIS year’s edition of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAAs) was almost scrapped because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but through the event organisers’ resilience and thinking outside the box, the awards will be held today.

Under the new normal, the awards will be held virtually with only a select few being allowed to physically watch the awards ceremony.

This is the new way of doing things, something which affected the arts from the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As from March this year, the arts bore the brunt of the global pandemic as their activities were barred. Arts spaces – galleries, youth centres, bars, theatre houses and the like – were shut down because these are the places that governments believed could cause a spike in infections.

During this time, some event organisers decided to move into the virtual space and try and make ends meet there.

Some failed and others succeeded as platforms such as Credisi and Bulawayo Arts Festival did well in the virtual realm and gave artistes spaces to express their talent.

The RoilBAAs which were supposed to be held in August were also affected and had to be postponed indefinitely with organisers hoping that the pandemic would blow over at some point. But alas, the nation and the world are still in the middle of the Covid-19 storm and it seems not to be relenting.

Still monitoring the situation, RoilBAAs organisers at some point contemplated cancelling the awards since arts spaces were closed. Also, because of the pandemic, businesses were affected meaning sponsors of the awards were also in a fix.

Nkululeko Nkala, the RoilBAAs spokesperson said there was a time they contemplated not holding the awards.

“There was a time that we thought for this year, let’s not hold the awards. The future looked bleak as business was subdued due to the lockdown. It was a headache that we had every day.

“We’d set the date (August 29) at the beginning of the year and all was set until the Covid-19 pandemic happened,” said Nkala.

However, he said there was light at the end of the tunnel as United Refineries pledged to be their principal sponsor.

“There were few sponsors that came forward and we’re grateful to United Refineries through their Roil brand for not pulling out. This is the support that most artistes need. It’s key that even in times of crisis, they get support so that their lives move forward,” said Nkala.

Arts must go on is the mantra and that is what drove RoilBAAs organisers to continue with the awards this year.
And indeed, the arts must go on because without them, the world would not have made it through the pandemic sanely as artistes gave and continue to give people the much-needed relief.

So today, instead of fans dressing up for the premier arts awards, they can do so in the comfort of their homes. Instead of them packing the Large City Hall or the colossal ZITF Hall 4 like last year, they can congregate virtually on the Bulawayo Arts Awards Facebook page and watch the awards from there.

Media personality Sizawakele “Zwa” Ndlovu, ZiFM Stereo’s Armad and Patience “Pat” Phiri are set to host the awards that are taking place at the Large City Hall in the evening. Zwa and Armad will be the main stage hosts while Phiri will be the anchor of the awards.

Welcoming nominees on the red carpet will be Breeze FM radio producer and presenter, Tinashe “Sycho” Okamaskhosana and Onvi TV presenter Thembie “Ntie” Phiedarh.

Entertainment will be provided by Asaph, Madlela Skhobokhobo, Fish McSwagg, Msizkay and Vocal Ex among many others.

The full list of nominees:

Outstanding Gospel Artiste/Act
1. Blessing Mokoena.
2. Harvest Music.
3. Mai Mwamuka.
4. Minister Lindani.

Outstanding Kwaito/House/Gqom Artiste/Act
1. Mawiza.
2. Mzistozz Mfanafuthi.
3. Tebza.
4. Zhezhingtons.

Outstanding Tshibilika/Rhumba Artiste/ Act.
1. Clement Magwaza.
2. Godolude.
3. Madlela Skhobokhobo.
4. Themba Boyoyo.

Outstanding Imbube/Accapela/Act.
1. Indosakusa The Morning Star.
2. Family Voices.
3. Nobuntu.
4. Sunduza.

Outstanding Alternative (Maskandi/Jazz) Music/ Artiste/Act.
1. Hwabaraty.
2. Noluntu J.
3. Mandy Mae.
4. Sam Musik.
5. Vuyo Brown.

Outstanding Hip-Hop Artiste/Act.
1. Asaph.
2. Calvin.
3. Fish F. Ndaramu.
4. Msizkay.
5. Preyung.

Outstanding Female Artiste
1. Minister Lindani.
2. Sandra Ndebele.
3. Vuyo Brown

Outstanding Male Artiste
1. Asaph.
2. Hwabaraty.
3. Madlela Skhobokhobo.
4. Msiz’kay.
5. Vusa Mkhaya

Outstanding Music Producer.
1. Murphy Cubic.
2. Nashville-Studio Rock up.
3. Smallz -Elephant Herd

Song of the Year.
1. Amakhekhe by Top Kings.
2. Amalobolo by Ngoma Ingoma.
3. Asambeni by Mzoe 7.
4. Babazala by Chipman.
5. Like so by Asaph.
6. Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami by Msiz’kay – ft Awa Khiwe & Mzoe7.
7. Thula Wazi by Vuyo Brown.

Outstanding Music Video.
1. Asambeni by Mzoe 7.
2. Aspheli Moya by Asaph ft Msizkay.
3. Impilo by Sandra Ndebele ft Vukani.
4. I want it by MUSE.
5. Rain Maker by Djembe Monks.

Outstanding Male Dancer.
1. Aaron Chikondawanga – (IYASA).
2. Josam Mwanza – (Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble).
3. Prince Chibansha – (Super Geeks).

Outstanding Female Dancer.
1. Beauty Mashawila (Hloseni Arts).
2. Dadirai Mupandawana (Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble).
3. Michelle Msopero (Solo Artist).

Outstanding Dance Ensemble.
1. Bolamba Culture Birds.
2. Ezimnyama Dance Ensemble.
4. Salt and Light.
5. Super Geeks

Outstanding Theatre Actress.
1. Agnes Ncube in Imbokodo.
2. Charmaine Mudau in Imbokodo.
3. Musa Sibanda in 6.5516.

Outstanding Theatre Actor.
1. Ronald Sgeca in Bleeding Wounds.
2. Cadrik Msongelwa in Imbokodo.
3. Gift Chakuvinga in The Debt.

Outstanding Theatre Production.
1. 6.55 by Lady Tshawe.
2. Bleeding Wounds by Nobert Makoche.
3. Imbokodo by Nobert Makoche.
Visual Arts Awards.

Outstanding Visual Artist (Two Dimensional).
1. No Nominees.
Outstanding Visual Artist (Three Dimensional).
2. No Nominees.

Outstanding Arts Photographer.
1. Puzzle Moment.
2. Sa Dee Lensworks.
3. Tinashe Charleston.
4. Veins Media.

Outstanding Arts Journalist Across Board.
1. Bongani Ndlovu -The Chronicle.
2. Langa Mabhena -B Metro.
3. Mthabisi Tshuma -The Chronicle.
4. Sheron Sibindi -Newsday22.

Outstanding Online Media.
1. Bulawayo Arts News Online -BANO.
2. Fokus Magazine.
3. The Voice Knot Podcast.

Outstanding Television Production/Programme.
1. Amandla.
2. Indlalifa.
3. Pink n Purple.

Outstanding Film/TV Actress.
1. Charmaine Mudau in Scars/Amanxeba.
2. Donna N in Scars/Amanxeba.
3. Sarah Mpofu in Home Affairs.

Outstanding Film/TV Actor.
1. Calvin Madula in Gold Diggers.
2. Madlela Skhobokhobo in Shaina Tebogo.
3. Tebza Moyo in Indlalifa.

Outstanding Short Film (new category).
1. Home Affairs.
2. Scars/Amanxeba.
3. Amandla.

Outstanding Comedian
1. Chik Aljoy.
2. Ckhanyiso Dat Guy.
3. Ntandoyenkosi Moyo

Outstanding Poet
1. Desire Moyo.
2. Mercy Dliwayo aka Sista X.
3. Obert Dube Sox The Poet.

Outstanding Literary Work -Fiction.
1. Grasping at Straws by Yvonne Maphosa Elomine by Disrael Israel.
2. Nerfetri.inkless Quills Book 2 by Nathaniel Z Mpofu.
3. Philtrum 2.0 -Philani Amadeus Nyoni.

Outstanding Literary Work -Non-Fiction.
1. On the Shoulders of Struggle by Obert Mpofu.
2. Self-Starters by Njabulo Moyo.
3. Quiet Flows the Zambezi by Tshinga Dube.

Outstanding Ndebele Literary Work (New).
1. Iziga Zalumhlaba lulotshwe ngu Onesimo Mpofu.
2. Untikolotshi lulotshwe ngu Mihla Sitsha Tsheza.
3. Umhlaba ungihlanekele lulotshwe ngu Nonduduzo Ncube.

Outstanding Female Model.
1. Ayanda Candice.
2. Caroline Muzondo.
3. Sanelisiwe Ncube.

Outstanding Male Model.
1. Ben Chest.
2. Jimmy Mhlanga.
3. Liam Hall.

Outstanding Fashion Designer/House.
1. Leverange.
2. Sanah Designs.
3. Sozinio.

Outstanding Newcomer Across All Genres.
1. Helen Nyati.
2. La Dee.
3. Mandie Mae.
4. Preyung.
5. Skhosana Band.
6. Soul Dudes.

Life Achievement Award.

No Nominees/Winner will be announced on the night.

Outstanding Club DJ
1. Crazy Black.
2. Crazy D.
3. DJ Prince Esikhosini.
4. DJ Yugoe.

Outstanding Radio DJ (New).
1. Cde Phil (Khulumani FM).
2. Mjox (Skyz Metro FM).
3. Thorne Le Rock (Khulumani FM).
4. Manurse Ndlovu (Skyz Metro FM).

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