Eliah Saushoma

A LOCAL agro-chemicals company trading as ‘Agroshape’ has joined hands with the Government in rolling out the “Presidential Blitz Tick Grease Programme, which is meant to reduce livestock deaths in the country.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi presided over the launch of the programme in Gwanda, Matabeleland South Province, last week. Agroshape technical director, Mr Garikai Muzorewa, said their company was excited by the Government initiative and proud to participate so as to help reboot the livestock sector.

“Tick-borne diseases have continued to pose a serious threat to the national heard. As an agro-chemical manufacturing company we are delighted and grateful to be part of the development agenda, more specifically the vision of an upper middle-income economy by 2030,” said Mr Muzorewa.

“We cherish the Government support in boosting local companies for production through various interventions. Matabeleland South is well known for cattle ranching hence the launch of the programme here. Agroshape has the capacity to meet the national dipping chemicals requirements.

Zimbabwe’s economy is underpinned by agriculture hence the success of agriculture will see the attainment of vision 2030. Agroshape wants to assure the nation of our unwavering support for the attainment of this vision.”

Mr Muzorewa said local companies have a responsibility to fully support the Government towards reducing foreign expenditure especially on importing chemicals for livestock.

The Government, working together with the private sector, are in the process of spearheading local production of vaccines for tick-borne diseases to reduce the import bill. Agroshape is a local company specialising in the production of agrochemicals such as tick grease, dipping chemicals, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. The tick grease programme buttresses the National Development Strategy (NDS1), which also prioritizes animal health and production through strengthening farmer knowledge, skills in livestock production and health so as to enhance productivity.

Under the programme, small scale livestock farmers will each be supplied with one kilogramme of tick grease to protect their cattle between dips, with dip tanks also scheduled for rehabilitation.