Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

Strong contender of the Zimbabwe Rap Queen title, Germany-based Awa Khiwe who has been on a two-year music hiatus has launched her highly anticipated single, Ngeke Bengimele.

After releasing a teaser of this track in July which went viral because of its seamless bars, amassing over 100 000 views on Twitter within hours, she finally launched the track on Star FM on Friday morning and it is nothing short of a banger.

Speaking from her Germany base, Awa Khiwe, born Awakhiweumuzi Wako Sibanda in Nkayi who vowed to continue from where the late talented rapper Cal Vin left, said she wants to prove her worth, while quenching her fans music thirst with quality music.

“This is my first release in two years so I’m so excited. I can’t keep calm as I’m over the moon,” said an excited Awa as she launched the song.

“The song is a collaboration between me and my producer, Ghanaian Stallion. Bobbie Serrano worked on the beautiful artwork and the trailers. With this song, I want to mark my territory as the Queen of Ndebele rap,” Awa Khiwe said.

“On the song, where I praise my rap skill, I also talked about misogyny in rap music. The song seeks to announce my comeback because I haven’t been releasing any music for the past two years.”

Ngeke Bengimele, Awa Khiwe said is available on all major digital platforms.

She added that she is back full force and will be dropping new projects from the start of next year so as to not starve her fans of quality entertainment.

“I want to release as many projects as I can, starting with an EP that will be released next year. The EP will once again be a collaboration between Ghanaian Stallion and I. Ghanaian Stallion is the one who works behind the scenes, working on the beats and mixing my vocals.”

All eyes are definitely on her to see if she will get the social media streets buzzing with her creativity and style.

– @mthabisi_mthire