Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

In a suspected case of sabotage, fast-rising videographer Master G Sky who runs the Dr Beit Film Factory in Beitbridge had his studio ravaged this past weekend with three men, who have since been identified as the perpetrators, destroying all his recording equipment.

According to the videographer who has been doing very well, collaborating with Zambian and South African musicians, the three men gained access into his home studio in his absence and destroyed the equipment amounting to R10, 940.

“I was away and had left another producer on set in the studio. When I came back, I was met with a sad tale of a destroyed studio that I’ve worked so hard to put together.

“November was not really my month as I also recently bought some equipment from local guys who duped me with non-working products. I’m shattered and don’t think I’ll ever buy anything from locals again as people seem to be taking advantage of my kindness,” said the pained artiste.

He said the perpetrators have since been arrested and are detained at a local police station in the border town.

Master G Sky who has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years is the guy who did visuals for renowned artistes such as Stunner on Ndini Ndovanakidza, South African Delayn on Babe I Know and Beitbridge artiste Bhadilah on Nkonela. He now had his eyes set on penetrating the regional market by producing a music video for a Zambian musician Taffy Turner.

He also had plans to work with the likes of Makhadzi from South Africa, Anisha from Jamaica and Mark2 from Zambia.

– @mthabisi_mthire