Democrat Biden’s camp remains confident of a narrow victory as gamblers predict his odds to win presidency have hit 86 per cent, according to the latest tally of odds by Election Betting Odds

According to the latest tally of odds by Election Betting Odds, Biden is at an 86.8 per cent chance of winning while Donald Trump was placed at just 12.5 per cent.

Betfair Exchange also said Biden is now 1/6 (86 per cent chance) to win the US election.

Their latest prediction on Trump said he is now 6/1 (14 per cent chance) to beat the Democrat with the possibility of him being re-elected fading significantly from his average odds.

Betfair spokesman Sam Rosbottom said: “Joe Biden has strengthened again and is now up to an 86 per cent chance to win the election on Betfair Exchange.

“After a rollercoaster 24 hours, it looks like Donald Trump’s prospect of re-election is finally starting to fade significantly as his route to victory narrows again.”

 “The battle for the finish line in the US Election is playing out very similarly to our special Race to the White House Stakes horse race which aired on polling day to predict the winner.

“Our race saw BidenHisTime beat SuperTrump in a photo finish after the two runners were locked neck and neck in a ding-dong dash down the home straight.” – Mirror