Stephen Mpofu

In John 10:10 the Bible says of the devil “the thief comes not but to steal, kill and to destroy.”

But Satan’s mission, as described by the Bible, does not relate to the destruction of spiritual or Christian values only.

On the contrary, the destructive exploits of the prince of this carnal world are all-embracing, witness the thief; mind-boggling mayhems as mirrored by the devil-sponsored Covid-19 global pandemic which has affected millions of people across the world in addition to destruction of lives including more than 200 dead in Zimbabwe.

The statistical magnitude of that thief’s destructive appetite suggests that all of us human beings, should strive tirelessly for dominion over the devil’s all-inclusive destructive character which is in opposition to everything Godly.

Let us zero in here on political, economic and social issues which affect the spiritual and non-spiritual lives of people across the globe with Zimbabweans as a point of departure in this part of the discourse.

On the economic front, the demonic spirit of selfishness “me, me, me” should give way to “us, us, us” which accords with the values compassion, kindness, mercy et cetera, et cetera are all therefore spiritual and a pleasure to God.

The second dispensation’s blitzkrieg campaign against corruption in state institutions reflects the Government’s unflinching determination for dominion over a vice influenced by a demonic spirit possessed by corrupt people who flout the rules of decency and honesty in both the public and private sectors in order to line their own pockets while the masses who look to them for good leadership scratch the ground, as chickens do in backyards, for sustenance.

It therefore must have come as timely encouragement to our government and people to hear South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa declaring this week that his government would spare no effort in its crackdown on corruption.

Fortunately in Zimbabwe, efforts by the Government resulted in some of the stolen money being repatriated, but not in sufficient amounts to mitigate the devastating effects of the illegal Western economic sanctions on our country.

As a matter of fact, some countries in Southern Africa which have desired to follow Zimbabwe’s example by repossessing huge chunks of land in the hands of foreign white owners, developed cold feet at the imposition of the draconian economic embargo against our country.

As a matter of fact, a book by this writer on land reform in our country, Little Hearts Can Also Dance (the Zimbabwe land dance, that is) tells of the attempt by one of the principal actors in the illegal sanctions offensive to invade Zimbabwe and effect regime change, reverse land reform and re-colonise the country, but was denied landing rights for its military aircraft by a Sadc country.

[The land reform program apparently instilled fear among some countries in the West that if no regime change took place in Harare, other countries would follow Zimbabwe’s example by implementing their own land reform programs, thereby denying Western imperialism’s continued foothold on the continent.]

Come to think of it, is not the West’s failure to immediately respond to calls last Saturday by Sadc, the Africa Union and the rest of the progressive world to remove those iniquitous sanctions not enough confirmation of the desire by Western imperialism to keep its head raised high in this part of the world in a post-modernity in which countries other than those in the West must also exercise unfettered freedom, independence and human rights in determining their own futures?

The mind boggles.

Now here is something about Western imperialism which hopefully will deter Zimbabweans who labour under avid power for power’s sake for lap dog worship of the West. It is that Western imperialism, like a python, is driven by a demonic spirit.

The demonic spirit in the constrictor lures with its attractive spots its intended prey to draw closer, while other animals flee, or mesmerizes it as the reptile slowly draws closer and then spits poison into the eyes of the victim to blind it before the demonic snake crushes and swallows up its prey before moving on after discarding its old skin with unrecognisable remains of the victims imbedded in that skin.

That precisely is what awaits Zimbabwean sell-outs and their potential cousin lackeys.

“Believing is seeing”, so goes the common saying.

Which suggests that to not see one’s self “like snuff on the nose” one must be prudent enough to wear a rain coat in order not to be battered down in a rainstorm.

Therefore, let us all Zimbabweans, nay Africa’s peoples (rpt) wear Jesus Christ to become Satan proof and celebrate dominion prosperity.