Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Acting Sports Editor

SIMPLY put, big brother mentality in football must end!

There is no need to be bullied and feel that because you have a huge following therefore you have a God given right to trample upon so called small teams and do as you please with their resources.

Some of these so-called small teams are financed by individuals who sacrifice the little they have which could have gone to their families to sustain these clubs and naturally they expect to reap some rewards from their sweat and toil. We are not in the jungle where there is no law, where you either killed or be killed, eat or be eaten. No, we aren’t a jungle but a people with laws that can and must be followed.

The story of Zimbabwe Crackers, now defunct of couse might have been scoffed at by many people especially Highlanders members and fans yet it’s a voice crying out in the wilderness for help. This is a team that gave Highlanders arguably their best goalkeeper since the turn of the millennium, a player who is also responsible for some of Bosso’s memorable and success stories.

Highlanders and Zimbabwe Crackers entered into an agreement, as seen in the correspondence, where Zimbabwe Crackers agreed to cease ownership of Trust Tapuwa Kapini to Highlanders upon the Bulawayo giants’ payment of Zimbabwean dollars $200 000. The correspondence also stated that Highlanders shall pay Zimbabwe Crackers 30 percent of the gross transfer fee if the player is transferred elsewhere. This correspondence to Highlanders was penned on February 10, 2001 by Zimbabwe Crackers secretary, one Allan Mapila.

Kapini remained a Highlanders player until 2006 when he attracted interest and eventually sold to a South African side Platinum Stars were in line with the 2001 correspondence, Zimbabwe Crackers reminded Bosso by asking for their $600 000 share, which was the 30 percent of the gross fee that Bosso charged Platinum Stars.

In their response, Highlanders, through then secretary Horace Ndubiwa, said the issue of the claim of $600 000 had been referred to their legal practitioners who will be getting in touch with Zimbabwe Crackers.

It is not known whether the lawyers did eventually get in touch or why Zimbabwe Crackers also chose to remain quiet but 14 years later, this weekend to be specific, the club contacted Highlanders, a sign that probably the issue was never finalised and crucially Bosso never made good, its end of the bargain.

We are yet to be furnished with reasons why Highlanders, uncharacteristically, might have chosen not to honour the agreement on the sell-on payment yet they paid the full transfer amount to Zimbabwe Crackers.

Did Bosso think this debt will die a natural death? How will Bosso feel if Azam were to do the same thing to them over Prince Dube in the event that he gets sold since there is a similar 30 percent sell-on clause?

Highlanders clearly doesn’t need this kind of attention right now which calls into question their good corporate governance standing. There has been a number of executive changes since 2006 but that cannot be an excuse, this is why there is a hand over, take over process every time a new regime is elected.

Unless we are furnished with a credible legal reason why Highlanders did not remit the 30 percent share to Zimbabwe Crackers upon Kapini’s move to Platinum Stars, we can only admonish them for this shameful error of judgment.

We also pray that there was no embezzlement of the Kapini transfer funds by other forces and for now call upon Highlanders to honour what they agreed with Zimbabwe Crackers.