Tendai Rupapa in Mutare
ZIMBABWEANS must revert to their traditional norms and values, and shy away from alien cultures that have caused chaos in schools and marriages, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has said.

She spoke candidly against cases of domestic violence, which have been spiralling upwards since the Covid-19-induced lockdown in March this year. Addressing an interactive session with chiefs’ and headmen’s wives from Manicaland Province here yesterday, the First Lady said she was disturbed by widespread reports of misbehaviour by school children.

The mother of the nation implored the spouses of 33 chiefs and 87 headmen, who attended yesterday’s educative session, to use their social position to influence positive change in their communities.

“I am happy to be with you here, where we are gathered today to discuss various issues affecting children in our communities. I have come so that we discuss about Covid-19, which has affected our traditional way of life. With this issue, we are in a new world as everything has changed. But how do we wage this battle to preserve our culture?

“Covid-19 has brought challenges in our homes as couples are fighting day and night, while young boys and girls are starting families at a tender age. We have children who are now having children. Our way of life has changed. As chiefs’ and headmen’s wives, how are you solving such cases in your areas of jurisdiction so that we live in peace while observing our culture?”

The First Lady has a passion for the welfare of children, women, the elderly and other vulnerable members of the community, as evidenced by the various income-generating programmes she has initiated for their benefit.

Most Zimbabweans, she said, respect their traditional leadership despite the fact that they mostly live in cities and towns.