Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter

ALL the ground work for the establishing of the Ponel Youth Soccer Academy in Dete, Hwange, has been done with the launch of the academy set for early next year.

The academy is the brainchild of ZIFA Matabeleland North executive member Nelson Ndeka.

The idea behind PYSA is to promote, teach and develop the game of soccer within the Dete community as well as provide a quality program at the lowest possible cost to the participants.

PYSA will also promote and encourage the ideas of sportsmanship and the principles of fair play.

Ndeka said he came up with PYSA project after realizing that vast talent was being lost to alcoholism and drugs because of lack of opportunities for the youngsters.

“My passion for the beautiful game is the main reason l have started this project. I was a football player as a youngster but my father instited that l should prioritise education more than anything, hence l never excelled as a player.

“However, l felt l still had something to contribute in football that is why l got into football structures and now l have come up with this project.

“The goal is to provide an opportunity for enjoyment and recreation through competition for all boys and girls who voluntarily participate in such a program that develops the community through soccer.

“We also aiming at promoting academic, tertiary and skilled education,” said Ndeka.

He also said the academy was learning from premier league teams, such as Bulawayo Chiefs, in their quest to become one of the best talent hubs in the country.

“We are taking lessons from other football sectors especially Bulawayo Chiefs who have inspired us to sell our own branded regalia.

“We now have in stock branded face masks and golf t-shirts for sale. Place your order today and get the merchandise delivered to you. Face masks are selling for US$2.20 whereas golf t-shirts for $15.00,” he said