Muchaneta Chimuka

Senior Reporter
In a bid to fight Covid-19 in communities, the Community Water Alliance on Tuesday launched Hurukuro Patsime/Ingxoxo Emthonjeni at a water point in Glen-View 1, Harare.

The project is aimed at ensuring people have access to clean, safe and portable water.

National Coordinator of Community Water Alliance, Mr Hardlife Mudzingwa, said there is massive shortage of potable water in Harare.

“At the moment City of Harare is producing 300 mega litres per day against daily demand of 1200 megalitres. Of the 300 megalitres produced approximately between 35 to 40 percent is lost through leakages. This means we have a huge gap on quantity of water required to satisfy demand,” he said.

He added because Glen View is situated near Firle Sewer Treatment plant, there has been contamination of ground water resources in the area than any other districts. 

“We expect citizens to make some contributions towards purchase of water treatment pills and maintenance of infrastructure. It is a financial sustainability mechanism to ensure community stewardship and self-reliance on management of public water points.”

Mr Mudzingwa said, it is imperative that COVID-19 prevention protocols like regular washing of hands with soap under running water, social distancing and proper wearing of masks be maintained at public water points.

 “COVID-19 prevention protocols help also in dealing with water borne diseases which are rampant in Glen View. As residents come to fetch water, the water movement dialogued with water users on emergency preparedness, root causes to congestion and what can be done to improve hygiene standards,” he said.

 StarFm graced the dialogue during a live broadcast.

Other stakeholders at the dialogue included the police, and City of Harare. The local District Officer Mr Mpingashato thanked Community Water Alliance and other stakeholders like OXFAM for giving continuous support to Glenview.

Members of the community who fetch water from the water point expressed gratitude urging civic society organizations to continue supporting them as a way of reducing the spread of diseases. Glenview is known as a cholera hotspot and requires support in WASH programs and civic education.