Yoliswa Dube-Moyo

Model and online comedian Oliver Keith validated a lot of what I believe the other day. In a Facebook post, he said, “Life isn’t perfect at all but that shouldn’t stop you from taking selfies and having beautiful skin. Drink water, bath every day, use roll on, brush your teeth, shave your armpits, cut your nails, shave your pubic hair… You can thank me later.”

I probably should’ve shared the post, hit the love and like button and left a comment but I was in a huff. Anyway, the post stuck in my head for a couple of days and here we are. Do all that gentlemen and you’ll thank us later!

Women love well considered and groomed men. That will always open doors for you, trust! I don’t want to believe there’s any woman out there who would want to be held snug under a smelly armpit or forced to look away because of bad breath. There’s really nothing cheesy about taking good care of yourself. You’re not less masculine because your nails are cut and your hands are clean. I may be on the extreme but I’ve always imagined that the dirt some of you men carry around is enough to cause infections in some places! And the long nail on the pinky finger, what’s that about? Sorry, but I think it’s just disgusting.

Care about the way you look and smell, it doesn’t cost much. Also pay attention to what you wear and whether or not it works for your body type. There’s absolutely nothing girly about that.
Summer is an exciting season with endless possibilities. Take the opportunity to look your best. I love subtle hues on a man. Pink is a constant favourite, my husband knows this. A clever way of looking suave this summer is wearing fresh colours like pink, blue and white. Pink is a good colour which transcends both genders pretty well.

Pink is one of those colours which will make a woman look at a man twice, just to see if he wore it right. So, it does matter what you’ll pair your pink shirt with and what shade of pink it is.

Blush pink is obviously more luxurious than ceres or hot pink. Hot pink could actually be beyond hideous on a dark-skinned person — it would become somewhat the battle of the colours — blue-black complexion against a hot pink.

To be safe, I’d say go for a more subtle pink, something that would be easy on the eye.

You could pair the pink shirt with a number of basic pieces. For instance, a navy-blue blazer over a pink shirt and khaki chinos with brown shoes and a matching brown belt would be a smooth business casual look.

A pocket-square would be an excellent addition to the look — women like men who pay attention to detail.

A pink shirt would also work pretty well with a grey or navy-blue suit if you’re going for a more formal look. The secret lies in always making sure the shoes and the belt match. This creates a sense of cohesion and obviously looks neater.

Pink is such a delicate colour that if handled well, would give you a super clean look.

I see a lot of men pairing their pink with brown and sometimes baby blue. Now, that takes a certain kind of man to pull off!

You’d need apples of steel and your confidence levels would have to be at 100, almost bordering on arrogant to do two bright colours at once.

I saw a picture of a man in a black and white plaid suit with a white shirt, a navy-blue tie and a matching pocket-square and was convinced it truly takes a certain kind of man to pull off certain clothing items, a pink shirt included.

The man has to be clean and well-groomed. He has to pay delicate attention to detail. The man has to carry some aura, the kind that would leave you convinced he has a seven-figure bank balance, even if he doesn’t.

I believe how you dress will always have a bearing on how you carry yourself. If you look and smell good, you’re bound to exude more confidence.

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