Tendai Chara
DOMBOSHAVA residents are demanding greater participation in civic affairs.
This came out during a 2020 Budget consultation meeting which was held at Murape Hall, in the peri-urban settlement Wednesday.
The residents accused the Goromonzi Rural District Council, under which Domboshava falls, of making unilateral decisions without consulting them.
Mr Bernard Chitate, a resident, asked the local councillor to explain the allocation of development funds by council.
“I would want to know how the funds that we are contributing to council are being used. I would be grateful if you can explain to us how the money is allocated and used,” Mr Chitate said.
A response by Tapiwa Marima, the Goromonzi District Council Ward 4 councillor, in whose ward the meeting was held, prompted an avalanche of complaints and suggestions.
Mrs Mavis Furusa, another resident, also chipped in: “It is known that in terms of revenue, this ward contributes the most. However, despite the fact that we are the council cash cow, we are not being consulted on important issues. This must stop forthwith.”
Cllr Marima urged the residents to be organised under one platform to ensure effective engagement with the council.
“With regards to the budget, advertisements, as required by the law, are flighted in the media calling upon those residents with objections to put them in writing. From my observations, you are deliberately ignoring the adverts and yet you go on and complain,” Cllr Marima said.
“I urge you to be organised, to be vigilant and to respond whenever calls for public participation are made.”
The residents resolved to form an association that will further their cause.