Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) is investigating irregular land sales involving Gweru City councillors and management.

The commission has been at the Town House for the past week conducting the investigations.

Zacc has already seized documents relating to the cases involving council officials.

Sources at Town House have revealed that investigators have already requested several documents from city management as fears abound that some officials and councillors might have corruptly benefitted from land sales and would be brought to account.

Sources said Zacc investigators have also requested the list of all councillors who served in the last term and details of land sales involving them.

Zacc spokesperson Commissioner John Makamure confirmed that a team of investigators were at Town House.

“We have an office in Gweru handling that case. We are looking at allegations of corruption involving sale of land. I cannot divulge any further details,” he said.

Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe yesterday confirmed that Zacc officials had descended on Town House.

“I can confirm that Zacc officials are investigating land sales involving management and councillors. It has been long overdue that they come.

“For the past three months we have been waiting for them. We even sent documents to the Special Anti-Corruption Unit since Zacc wasn’t forthcoming.

“Everyone who is found on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted, that is our hope because corruption has been affecting service delivery,” he said.

Clr Makombe said officials who allegedly allocated each other more than one stand against council policy allowing just one stand per person must be brought to book.

According to documents this publication is in possession of, officials in the Housing and Community Services department allegedly allocated themselves more than a stand each at a time when there is a moratorium on the selling of stands.

According to the City of Gweru debtors billing document Chronicle is in possession of, the director of Housing and Community Services Mr Shingirirayi Tigere got one stand in Randolph Phase 1 and another one in Senga suburb.

Mr Tigere has since made part payment towards the purchase of the two stands.

Mr Tigere’s assistant Mrs Unity Jaji also got a stand in Randolph Phase 1 and another one in Mkoba 21 and has also made part payment towards the purchase of the two stands.

Another assistant director Mr Manford Gambiza was also allocated a stand in Mkoba 21 and another in Randolph Phase 1 and has since made part payment towards the purchase of the two stands.

Housing officer Mr Admire Chigayo also got a stand in Randolph Phase 1 and the second one in Mkoba 21.

Clr Albet Chirau of Ward 11 who has been at the forefront calling for the ouster of his perceived enemies is now under spotlight after it emerged that he purchased two residential stands in Senga Infill for his 13-day-old and five-year-old children.

The juveniles have no contractual capacity according to the council by-laws.

Contractual capacity is the legal capability to form a binding contract.

According to the documents accessed by this publication Clr Chirau bought stand numbers 6835 Senga Infill and 6841 Senga for his children Leon Munashe, who was 13 days old on the day of purchase and Shaun who was five years old.

Clr Chirau confirmed purchasing the stands and also exposed some of the council management who also bought stands for their children and relatives.

“My children did buy those stands. If the law does not allow juveniles to purchase stands the council must not have accepted the money. It is not my fault. It is the fault of the people who receipted the money,” he said.

President Mnangagwa has said his Government will continue investigating and clamping down on corruption as it continues to pursue goals to achieve Vision 2030 and removing impediments towards realisation of those objectives.