UP-AND-COMING gospel musician Tinashe Chivaviro has released his third single, Zvataitirwa neNyasha, following in his father Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro’s footsteps last year debuting with the track Nguva dzaMwari.

Tinashe told NewsDay Life & Style that he would soon release a video for the song, which was well received by his fans on its launch on Facebook recently.

“I launched Zvataitirwa neNyasha recently live on Facebook and the audience’s feedback was very heartwarming. The song talks about God’s grace which is priceless. God transforms people’s lives, from nobody to somebody. The video is coming soon,”

“Now I have four singles. I released the first in August last year and did two more Musavasiye and Batanai Maoko this year. I look forward to releasing two more singles before the year ends. Although I have written many songs that are waiting to be recorded, I won’t be producing an album soon. Much of the time I am focused on my studies, so doing an album will be a difficult task.”

Chivaviro described his father as a role model, adding that he was confident of a successful musical career.

“At the beginning of my music journey, it wasn’t easy, but due to mentorship from my father, who is my role model, I eventually mastered the trade. My father advices me each and every time. With that I am confident that I will have a bright musical career. I am now on the steering wheel,” he said.

“Building on my legacy while father is still alive helps me not only gain confidence fast, but learn a lot.”

The senior Chivaviro told NewsDay Life & Style that his son’s fan base was growing.

“He is slowly developing his own fan base, especially young people, judging by the following he is building up on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Although the huge numbers behind him are mostly my followers, he has an advantage of having both,” he said.

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