Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
It is true when they say humble beginnings pay.

From a butcher to a gardener,  preacher and gospel musician, Fanuel Dube has seen it all.

He is now basking in glory after releasing his debut six-track album titled “The Prophet”, which was produced by Tonderai Dirorimwe and recorded under Diro Studios.

Some of the songs on the album include “Ndodana Jesu”, “Kukosha Kwerudo”, “Ngatitende Jesu” and “Chengeto”.

“Chengeto” is a dedication song to his wife who bears the name.

Dube said music and preaching the word of God were his final calling.

“Firstly, my motivation came through in wanting to shower my wife with a unique birthday present,” he said. “This led to the penning of all the gospel songs. I guess it was God’s time that revealed the new arena to explore. I felt I could contribute positively in the music sector.

“I am a preacher and a prophet of God. My desire is to touch people’s lives in a unique way, preaching through music. This then has developed my passion to do music. Even when am in church, I have so much passion to see the praise and worship done well.”

Describing his songs, Dube said although they were gospel, they served as a solution to societal issues.

“I can say my songs were inspired by the societal settings apart from dedicating the whole album to my wife,” he said. “On “Ndodana Jesu”, the song is about crying to God. It is a plea to Him to remember His people whenever he is about bless them.

“Kukosha KweRudo, this one is a touching song which talks about love. The song starts by asking, what is love? Then speaks on the importance of love for it brings people together and gives different types and meaning of love.

“Then there is ‘Ndadzamisa Pfungwa’, this is a song that talks basically of how everything comes to an end. It asks questions like where are the rich, where are the honoured, where are the poor and those who used to laugh at others?”

“Chengeto” is an Afro-jazz song, narrating how he met his girlfriend named Chengeto in 1992.

“The song talks and reminds me how I proposed to Chengeto Mushanyuri in 1992 and the love that came through after the discussion,” he said. “This became the beginning of appreciable life changing moments.”

Though he has not hosted or performed on any online shows, Dube said he had a strategy he was working on.

“The lockdown has forced people to work from home and gave me the time to write my songs a lot. I have done lots of vegetable gardening at my house, which I never did before. God has been faithful to me. So far no online shows yet as I am much discovering my career.”

Dube cited lack of exposure and opportunities as hindering many artistes from having a breakthrough.

He said he would love to have a collaboration other gospel musicians.

“I don’t mind collaborating with any good musician with a genuine fear of God,” he said. “It would be a pleasure to sing along great people like The Charambas, Mechanic Manyeruke, Shingisai Suluma, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and some upcoming musicians.”