Court Correspondent
A teacher from Nyanga has been ordered by the Harare Civil Court to pay $1 000 a month as maintenance for his two minor children.

Brian Zharare was accused by his wife, Judith Marime of failing to provide for their children despite going to work.

Marime, who was claiming $5 000 for the upkeep of the children last week told magistrate Mrs Nyasha Marufu that Zharare does not buy any groceries and clothes for the children and leaves her to provide for the family.

“I want $5 000 for two children aged six and two. I am a vendor and get US$10 per month. He is a teacher. We stay together; he does not have any other children besides these ones but he is failing to take care of them,” she said.

Zharare offered $1 000 saying the money being claimed by his wife was higher than his salary.

He told the court that he earns $4 000 and buys all the groceries needed by his family.

“I can only give her $1 000 because the money she wants is more than my salary. I am a Government teacher in Nyanga and I earn $4 600. I stay with her and I buy all the groceries needed,” said Zharare.

Marime agreed to the $1 000 offered, but disputed her husband’s earnings.

Mrs Marufu ordered Zharare to pay $1 000 with effect from September 30.