Showbiz Correspondent
“EVERY human being was created to praise God, hence I have come to do so with this album Prescription,” said up-and-coming gospel musician Ben Mudyazvavanhu.

The Bulawayo-based musician launched his album recently during an intimate concert in the city. On the same day, he launched a DVD for a previous album, Tinaye Jesu Akatendeka.

The album has eleven tracks including, Tenda Mwari, Ngatimirei, Cheziya, Sabela, Zvinombodei?, Zvapera, The New Commandment, We surrender, Khuluma Baba, Ndiniota and a bonus track Kurarama inyasha (instrumental).

The music video for his song Solomon is getting play on ZBCtv and other songs have been played on National FM, Radio Zimbabwe, Skyz Metro FM and Khulumani FM.

The praise and worship team director of Pentecostal Holiness Church based in Tshabalala, Bulawayo said it was his life’s duty to praise God.

“When we were created by the almighty, we were created to praise him. This is what has spurred me on to come up with this album that is my gift to people who want to praise God. Every human has his or her way of praising some were given talents in counselling while others shepherd, but for me praising through singing,” said Mudyazvavanhu, who heads the group The Meek.

He said the album launch went well under Covid-19 regulations.

“Since we are still under lockdown, I had to launch the album. I called people who paid at the door and when the 40 people had entered, I had to turn other people away. These are the times that we are living in and we should as artistes get used to the new normal,” said Mudyazvavanhu.

He said they would try to sell the music so that he eats the fruits of his labour.

“It was difficult before as piracy was taking away the money that was supposed to be ours. Now I’m selling the album in person so that I can eat off the fruits of my labour. This is the only way especially during these Covid-19 times,” said Mudyazvavanhu.

He said originally, he grew up in an Anglican setting where he sang in the church choir in his home area of Nembudziya in Gokwe. His father used to work in Bulawayo and he used to visit him during holidays until he settled in the city in 2001.

Married to Kathrine, Mudyazvavanhu said he loves the support he gets from his wife and three children.

He works for a trucking company in Bulawayo.