Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Correspondent

The outgoing Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Major general (Rtd) Paradzai Zimondi has been commended for coming up with income generation projects for Matabeleland North province prison institutions.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Matabeleland North Province, Hon Richard Moyo said this on Thursday while giving a befitting farewell to the Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Major General (Rtd) Zimondi describing him as a distinguished liberation cadre who transformed the prison service into one of the best rehabilitation and corrective institutions for offenders in the world.

The commissioner general visited Mhlahlandlela  government complex in Bulawayo as part of his farewell tours to all provinces with Matabeleland North Minister of State taking the opportunity to bid farewell to Major General (Rtd) Zimondi  who is set to retire this October.

In his farewell speech, Minister Moyo described Major General (Rtd) Zimondi  as a selfless cadre who served the country with distinction in different state institutions.

“You are one of the cadres who distinguished himself in serving the nation, a committed servant who is retiring after heading the institution since 1997. This is after you distinguished yourself as the liberation cadre who fought for the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe. After independence, you dedicated your life in the Zimbabwe National Army where you also served with distinction,” said Minister Moyo

Minister Moyo further spoke on the role played by General (Rtd) Zimondi in promoting gender equality and education, amongst other facets.

“At the helm of the ZPCS, you transformed the service into one of the major rehabilitation and corrective institutions for offenders; you promoted gender equality in the promotion of officers and promoted education within the prison setup for both inmates and offenders,” said Moyo

Through the leadership of General (Rtd) Zimondi, Matabeleland North province saw the ZPCS initiating a number of income generating projects which not only offered alternative nutritional value but also helped the institution to generate income to sustain its operations.

“You were instrumental in coming up with income generation projects for the Matabeleland North Province prison institutions especially the Bongs Kapenta Fishing Project and the Lupane Aquaculture projects which were launched in 2017 and 2018 respectively.”

The Minister of State also welcomed the incoming Commissioner General Moses Chihobvu saying the province was fully behind him as it commits it’s soul and limb to make Zimbabwe attain an Upper Middle Income status by year 2030 as guided by President Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, the outgoing Commissioner General encouraged the remaining service members to remain disciplined, hardworking, shun corruption and priorities studies.

“The message I have for all the provinces is the same, discipline, working hard, prevent corruption and officers should go to school. That’s the message I’m giving to all provinces including Matabeleland North,” said Zimondi