Andrew Muvishi Mash East Correspondent

Villagers in Mudzi have benefited from a Government initiative, which has seen the drilling of 42 boreholes, the rehabilitation of 585 water points and the establishment of 25 piped water schemes.

This program is run by District Development Fund in partnership with UNICEF, World Vision and Christian Care.

The projects had forced villagers to walk long distances to fetch water for themselves and their livestock.

DDF District Co-ordinator Mr Cassian Mudoti said water provision scheme targeting area with high concentration of institution.

“The water provision scheme targets areas with high concentration of institution such as schools, clinics, business centres and nutritional gardens,” he said.

“Recently we completed Nyamukoho piped water scheme in ward (6) in partnership with World Vision.

“The piped water scheme is going to serve schools, rural health and business centres.”

Mr Mudoti said in augumenting Government’s efforts to provide adequate clean water to communities in Mudzi District, they managed to drill new boreholes and rehabilitate water points.

“We have managed to convert and upgrade bush pumps to solar powered water pumps taking advantage of the available and abundant solar energy resource,” he said.