UNITED States-based Zimbabwean musician Marlon “Marlo London” Chitsa has released his second nine-track album titled My Name is London that will allow music lovers to have a real feel of his style since he didn’t collaborate with any artiste, unlike in his debut offering Shandala Nightmares.

The 21-year old US-born artiste told NewsDay Life & Style that the album dug into his personal life apart from defining his music style.

“My first album Shandala Nightmares featured some artistes who include the New York-based Day$tar. Although the sound was great, I felt I should go solo, thus, I did My Name Is London which defines who I am. The album has the sound that I truly wanted it to have and it’s a step into my life both as an artiste and outside that. In Intro, I talk about people who made an impact in my life and being a married man at 21. My wife, whom I married at 19, pushes me to work hard. Popular US musician Lil Uzi vert also gives me motivation,” he said
“Intro and Jump are my best songs on the album. Jump keeps your energy high when you listen to it. It takes your troubles away the moment you listen to it and drives you to sing and dance along. Lifted a Load is about a guy who has had enough of his troublesome girlfriend. They eventually break up and the guy starts to feel liberated.”

Other songs on the album are Shows, Wildstyle, Jewels, What You Gonna Do, I Don’t Wanna Be, and Up the Clip. London said he was grateful for his parents’ support.

“My parents support my vision in music very well. But in the beginning it was only my mother who was supportive. My father wanted me to further my studies and attain a degree but he recently started to appreciate my career due to the growing number of people who are liking my music. I believe blocking kids from pursuing their dreams is an old generation mentality,” he said.

The musician, who began his career in 2018, said he was looking forward to have his music played on local radio stations.

“I started by making beats before becoming a rapper in 2018. People who listened to my beats are the ones who encouraged me to take it to another level, that’s how I became a musician. I love music, it’s not because of my brother Meech La’flare that I eventually became a musician. It was hard at first, learning how to compose a full song and knowing what to say in the song, but after you make the first song, it’s like you can’t stop,” he said.

“My music was well received especially by the young people. It has much appeal to them than the old generation. It’s my dream to have it played on Zimbabwean radio stations. Here, I enjoy airplay on Dallas radio station 97.9. I am going to release videos for Jump and Intro in few weeks’ time.”

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