Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter

ASPIRING female boxing trainer, 18-year-old Manlyn Princess Munkuli is appealing for assistance in form of equipment so that she can introduce more girls to the sport.

Munkuli, who won gold for Bulawayo in the bantamweight division in last year’s edition of the Zimbabwe National Youth Games that were held in Gweru, wants to demystify the norm that boxing is for men and is on a mission to recruit more girls to the sport.

She has established a training club in her backyard in Njube, where she charges a nominal fee per session for health enthusiasts.

“I started this programme (backyard gym) to get more people doing boxing and more people keeping fit. I hardly train any girls because they’re scared and think that boxing would get them hurt and they’re convinced its just for boys.

“I want to get more girls in the sport soon and I wish to grow my centre as well and also get all the equipment I need for it,” Munkuli said.
Due to lack of equipment, she is forced to borrow hand pads, boxing gloves and punching bags for use.

Munkuli says they observe strict health guidelines at her training sessions by sanitising equipment and participants.
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