MAKOMBORERO Mark Madzinga, born and bred in Highfield, Harare, is the last born and only son of priest, Mark Madzinga, and the late Florence Madzinga. A devout born-again Christian, Makomborero was married to Nomfundo Silindelo Madzinga since April 2015 and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, before Nomfundo passed away in April 2019.

He wears many music hats as a pianist, teacher, music director, producer, songwriter and owner of Destiny Music & Entertainment. Mark believes in creating music from the heart that inspires hope, gives encouragement and strengthens people’s faith. He is currently Janet Manyowa’s Music Director and also the assistant to the music pastors at New Life Covenant Church. Mark travels with Bishop Tudor Bismark, his spiritual father, who is a world renowned itinerate speaker, playing the piano.

He speaks to NewsDay Life & Style Weekender …

Music journey

I have shared the stage with renowned international artistes such as Donnie McClurkin, Joanita Bynum, Clarence Grant, Hiram Coopman, Jonathan Rubain, Israel Houghton, Jabu Hlongwane, Sipho Makabane, Zaza Mokhethi, Ntokozo Mbambo, Nqubeko Mbatha, Dr Tumi among others on their visits to Zimbabwe. Locally, I have worked with Jesse Priestly, Amara Brown, Zimpraise, Pastor G, Prudence Katomeni, Dudu Manhenga-Muparutsa and Janet Manyowa, among others.

The early years

The first artiste I ever worked with was Rute Mbangwa and a year after joining her team, we were part of the delegation that went to represent Zimbabwe at the Second Pan African Cultural Festival. The festival is done every 40 years and it was such an awesome experience being a part of such diversity as far as African cultures are concerned.

Working with Manyowa, Zimpraise

Being a part of the Executive Committee at Janet Manyowa Music and successfully hosting a sold out album launch is an achievement I will never forget. It came with its challenges but it also became one of the most successful gospel concerts to date. I was also the music director for that launch. Janet Manyowa got awards for that album and I am proud to be part of her winning team.

I was also a part of the Zimpraise executive committee that organised and hosted the festival that hosted Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop John Francis, Zaza Mokhethi, Nqubeko Mbatha and his wife Ntokozo Mbambo and many other special guests. I directed all the music that year. That experience was such a highlight in my own career and it afforded me relationships and networks that are priceless to me to this day.

Tragic loss

Losing my wife last year was such a major blow to me because I loved her so much and she loved me too. She was such a major part of my life, that losing her knocked me out for a while. By the grace of God, I, however, got strength to get up again and move on.


Being an instrumentalist who writes songs, I mostly rely on collaborating with people that can sing well and are good at why they do, to sing the music I would have created. In 2016 I collaborated with Dudu Manhenga-Muparutsa and this year I have collaborated with TK Goodman, a gifted singer from South Africa. The rest of the album, coming later this year, has several exciting collaborations to look forward to.

Financial rewards

Having left banking several years ago to do music full time, I can safely say is has rewarded me financially and I have managed to survive, by the grace of God, off of music. There are obviously seasons when the flow is not as constant as you may want it to be. This year is a god example of that. I, however, prefer the peace of mind in doing something I love and loving what I do, than simply chasing after money. The rewards have come, not because I chased after money, but because I found something worth doing that set my heart on fire!


One thing that people don’t know about me is that I read a lot. Whenever I have free time, instead of going out, I prefer being indoors and reading a good book. I have a decent library of motivational books as well as Christian books that feed the soul.

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