Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter
SPORTS and Recreation Commission (SRC) Bulawayo provincial coordinator Sam Dzvimbu says all sporting facilities in the city are subject to strict inspection before they can be deemed fit to host any activities.

Dzvimbu was responding to calls by athletes for some facilities to open so that they can train in small numbers while observing Covid-19 regulations.

Government has eased lockdown regulations and allowed reopening of spirts clubs and gyms.

Football teams are now also allowed to train on condition they strictly observe Covid-19 protocols.

The SRC is adamant that no sport facility will be reopened without thorough inspection.

“Under this Covid-19 period, it has been an opportunity for us to realign our inspection system.

“All those that are opening are subject to inspection. Even with the low risk sports, we have to go their facilities and see if they meet the Covid-19 protocols.

“All the facilities that have been opened thus far, including all the gyms, all underwent inspection

“After having certified our inspection with the World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and the government, then the SRC through the Ministry of Sport and the minister can authorise use of the particular facility,” said Dzvimbu.

He also called on sports associations to liaise with the SRC for inspection of their facilities.

“Every sport association knows the facility that it uses and if they are in good books with the owners of the facility then it means they should be able to liaise with the SRC for inspection.

“Facilities will not be opened up without inspection.

“This is also an opportunity for us to realign in terms of compliance of that particular facility with the SRC Act,” he said. — @innocentskizoe