BULAWAYO dancer and musician Sandra “Sandy” Ndebele-Sibindi (pictured) has said online music performances, which are now part of the “new normal” in light of the COVID-19 lockdown measures that have outlawed public performances and placed new demands upon musicians.

Sandy mesmerised viewers when she took part in the Friday Night Live on NashTV together with Zimdancehall artiste Freeman and Judgement Yard.

She emphasised the importance of putting more effort on pre-production content as one might not know the outcome once live online as only viewers would be privy to feedback through live comments online.

This is unlike during a live public show where the artiste can easily gauge the audience’s response in real time.

Sandy told NewsDay Life & Style that it was important for an artiste to give their all during an online performance.

“It definitely requires more work in terms of your pre-production now because you don’t know what to expect once you go live,” she said.

“All you can do is to give it a 100% effort all the time. You also need to develop a thick skin because people will be firing all sorts of comments at you at the same time as well.”

The musician said adjusting to the new normal had been difficult as the arts industry, which relied heavily on public gatherings, was among the hardest-hit.

“However, the show must go on! We are here now and this is the situation that we are faced with! The difference between going hungry and having food on your table now as an artiste is how soon you can adjust and align yourself to meet the needs of our present situation,” she said.

Sandy added that one of the over-arching themes of her latest studio album Up The Ladder which they were launching live on social media platforms on September 5 was the celebration of her continued growth, strength, resilience and longevity as an artiste.

“So perhaps there has been a lot more noticeable noise about me lately but I have always been my people’s darling and it’s this continued support that I am especially grateful for,” she said.

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