Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

AFRO-FUSION musician Lobs Buhegwedu has launched a Kalanga Covid-19 awareness single.

Titled Corona Tjita Tjahha which means Coronavirus is an enemy that has come, seeks to raise awareness of the deadly pandemic that continues to claim lives, while also promoting the Kalanga language.

The track features Lobs Buhegwedu’s mentor Sotsha Moyo who is the co-founder of Black Umfolosi. It was produced by Bulawayo’s talented artiste Neshville of Rockup Studios.

It is a warm up of the musician’s upcoming second album. Lobs Buhegwedu, whose real name is Lobhengula Buhe Dube said he composed Corona Tjita Tjahha to create awareness of the pandemic that continues to infect millions of people worldwide.

“The song educates people on ways to avoid catching the virus and encourages them to adhere to Covid-19 regulations as directed by the Ministry of Health to curb transmission. It also communicates the hardships we’re now faced with especially restriction of movements which has made it impossible to see our loved ones,” said Lobs Buhegwedu.

The artiste who was born in Masendu village in Bulilima district under Chief Masendu is an Applied Chemist by training and marketer by profession. A member of the Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association, Lobs Buhegwedu said it is his hope and wish that the Kalanga language does not go extinct hence his decision to promote it through music.

His first album, Tjondikumbudza Kanyi portrayed the knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, customs, values, norms, behaviours and characteristics common to members of the Kalanga.

– @mthabisi_mthire