Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

PRINCE Dube wanted to use jersey number 73 at his new club Azam but was told by the Tanzanians that he could not have it, leading to the Zimbabwean striker settling for 29.

Zaka Zakazi, the Azam head of information and communication department said Dube requested for 73, with the club not agreeing to that since senior players only use numbers from one to 29, with anything after that for juniors. 

In the end, the former Highlanders striker settled for jersey number 29, which was previously used by fellow Zimbabwean Never Tigere who switched to 12. Bruce Kangwa, the other Zimbabwean at Azam wears jersey number 26.

“He asked for 73 but here in Tanzania senior players wear up to 29, from 30 it’s for juniors. There were number 21, 22 and 29 in his disposal and he took 29 because is the number previously worn buy his compatriot Never Tigere who took 12,’’ Zakazi said.

Dube used to wear number 13 at Highlanders before he ditched it for 73, in honour of his mother who was born in 1973. The player was raised by his mother, a single parent after his father died when he was young.

The player will be paraded to supporters by his new club at the Azam Festival on Sunday to be held at the club’s complex, where their stadium is also located in the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam.