Mehluli Sibanda, Senior Sports Reporter

BULAWAYO Chiefs have gone into a partnership with Boom City Advertising to market their recently opened shop using bins on street corners.

Thulani “Javas” Sibanda, the Chiefs media officer said the plan is to have the bins all over Bulawayo to promote the store while keeping the city dirt free.

“We have entered into a memorandum of agreement with Boom City Advertising with the plan to flood the city with those bins and help keep our city clean as well,’’ Sibanda said.

Amakhosi Amahle have always been looking to harness available advertising opportunities for their store situated in the Bulawayo CBD and the bins have done wonders in directing people to the shop.

“The grand idea has always been to harness every available publicity option and the advert bin has worked so well in accomplishing more than one objective, which is direct people to the shop, keep the City Clean and also market the brand,’’ he said.

Sibanda could not divulge the cost associated with the partnership and only stated they are pleased with the arrangement they have with Boom City.

“A good publicity and marketing opportunity knows no cost. We are happy with the understanding we have with Boom City.”

The Chiefs shop opened at the end of June with orders being made physically and online. Hundreds orders have been processed since the shop started operating. Deliveries are being made to all parts of the country by courier at an extra cost to the customer. Chiefs are the only Zimbabwean football club to have an online store.